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Why Surabaya? 

Indonesia with the 98 cities which potentially being developed into smart cities had attracted big industry players to invest and bring contribution to the region. Indonesia have started in implementing Smart Cities development by launching IKCI 2015 (Indonesia Smart City Index) with eight indicators : smart ICT, smart development planning, smart green open space, smart transportation, smart waste management, smart water management, smart building, and smart energy. IISMEX 2016 will present 10 clusters of area to cover all global elements of smart city. As the 1st Indonesia International Smart City Event, IISMEX 2016 aims to be the answer for all latest question about “how to build smart cities in Indonesia?”.

Surabaya, a smart city model in East Java with several awards such as smart government, smart living, smart environments and has claimed as the most Digital City based on Digital Society Awards 2014 through ICT – Based System. Related to Smart City concept, Surabaya has introduced smart city program by using the internet and various smartphone applications to improve their public services and implement the good governance system. Through those various awards, Surabaya is expected to be one of the most inspiring smart city in Indonesia.


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